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Concrete Stairs DNA - good genes for your house



Schody DNA – English version

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3. Stair constructions (konstrukce schodiště)√
4. Monolithic stairs(Monolitická schodiště)√
5. Mounted stairs(Montovaní schodiště)√
6. TOP 50 DNA – new(TOP 50 DNA – nové)√
7. Projects of stairs(Projekty schodiště)√
8. My demand – how can I make it? (Poptávka – jak na to?)√
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10. News(novinky)√
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Záhlaví stránky: Schody DNA
D – Design, distinct
N – New-fashioned
A – Alternative, admirable

1. Main page – hlavní, úvodní stránka
Schody DNA – construction company SCHODY DNA

- specialist for construction of concrete stairs
- we provide the project, including static
- Realization all over Czech Republic
- We offer:
- collaboration with architects already during the projection phase of reinforced concrete stairs
- collaboration with constructors, designers, construction companies during the realization of concrete stairs
- Elaboration of your demand out of charge
- Our designs and projects for monolithic and mounted stairs
- possibility of realization in fair faced concrete or with clamp modification
- the production of loggia or balconies in accordance with the project of architect
- individual prefabrication
- unique garden components

Possibilities of use:

- monolithic and mounted stairs
- new buildings and reconstructions of houses
- into the interiors as well as exteriors
- main entrance stair of a building
- family houses including wooden houses
- residential houses, apartment blocks
- commercial and company buildings
- administrative buildings
- banks, offices, schools
- historical buildings
- steeples
- stairs for pools and gardens
- emergency stairs
- humid spaces
- other rooms and spaces

Sekce 2. – Firma - About us, Company

The company Schody DNA came into being thanks to the exigency of a client, who needed to realize a specific, spiral stair for his family house. The stair became a big success as we know thanks to many demands that came afterwards. At the end of 2000 a company, specialized in construction of concrete stairs, with the trade mark DNA, has been established.

The company Schody DNA tends since its creation to collaborate with architects and designers already during the designing phase of a project. Our experience from various projects shows, that the problematic of stairs is very demanding on optimal design and often represents a big problem for designers and construction companies.

The company Schody DNA comes to the market with the solution of the staircase since the first working-drawing, through design, static project, until the realization. The realization itself is made by a main reinforced concrete construction without superficial treatment to the fabric. In case of interest the stairs can be plastered or treated with clamps ARDEX. We also offer to our clients contacts on our suppliers, which are specialized in finishing the superficies (steps-facing with wood, stone. paving, Venetian mosaic, carpet, vinyl flooring) and banister installation (steel, brass, stainless steel, wood, glass).

The company Schody DNA CZ produces the largest variety of reinforced concrete stair constructions on Czech market. We are still developing new solutions and we are elaborating every imagination and idea of our clients to satisfy their desires. With our personal access for every demand and consultation of original project we create new designs with original designs of stair shapes.

From 2001 until the end of April 2008 the Company Schody DNA CZ has already realized over 864 monolithic stairs DNA and the interest of clients keeps rising year after year.

The company Schody DNA CZ is ready and able to project and produce demanding and unique constructions that will satisfy also the most exigent clients.

The company Schody DNA CZ collaborates since 2003 with the company TVARCOM, s.r.o. on designs, productions and montages of mounted (prefabricated) spiral stairs TVAR DNA, which are suitable for construction of attached family and residential houses. It’s largely an individual small series production for fabrics of particular client. In accordance with the demand and requirements of the construction the production of individual prefabrication TVAR DNA has been divided to various sections, such as: stairs, loggia, balconies, and other optional prefabrication.

Sekce 3 - Stair constructions – Schodišťové konstrukce

The development of armoured concrete provides a large variety of constructions that are fully customisable. There is also a possibility to combine different materials for stairs and handrails.

The construction with boards

The main element of this construction is a supporting board made of armoured concrete of constant thickness and constant ascending in case of direct constructions. The ascending is variable in case of spiral constructions.

The construction can be: self-supporting, suspension or anchored into the enclosure wall from one or both sides. The shape can be direct with or without stair landing, with one flight, with more flights, spiral, branched or combination of shapes.

The construction with stair carriage as main supporting element

The supporting elements of this type of construction are the stair carriage and singular stair anchored into the stair carriage. The stair carriage can be located as well on the exterior as well on the in the interior part of stairs. We use higher and slimmer beam for the cases when the height of the stair carriage is bigger then thickness. If it’s necessary (due to the stability of curtail step) we use large beam with average stair carriage.

Spindle-shaped construction

The typical element is a column, in most cases of circular shape, in some cases of rectangle shape (sometimes called as spindle wall). The board constructions of curtail stairs stick out of the central column and produce so the typical spindle shape form of stairs. The boards can be suspension or anchored into the enclosure wall (a typical example is tower of a church). This type of construction allows also a combination with the stair carriage on the exterior. If the stair carriage is high enough it can be used as well as a handrail.

The construction with columns as main supporting elements

At least two columns are the main supporting element of this type of construction. In these columns the stair carriage, beams and other elements of the supporting structure are anchored. The curtail steps can be also supported by the stair wall on the exterior side and on the interior side they can be supported by vaulted strap or stair carriage anchored into the columns. Today it’s quite rare to design pillar stairs. The main use of this type is on administrative buildings, where mainly constructions with large flights are required. This type of construction represents the transition between the spindle-shaped construction and the construction with stair carriage as main supporting element.

Cantilever construction

This construction consists of a scheme of single curtail steps (cantilevers), that are sticking out of the main supporting wall. This type of construction allows aerial realisations with a lot of light under stairs. You need to collocate one curtail step before the other by at least 50 mm. The main reason for doing this is the safety of walking on this type of stairs. The thickness and shape of the cantilever are hanging on the width of stairs.

“Toothed” construction

The characteristic element of this construction is an angular plate, that copies the shape of curtail steps. Non-professionally we can say that these stairs are “toothed” even from the bottom. This construction type is really demanding on statics as well as on the realisation. These stairs can be constructed on various ground plans. It’s necessary though to have a large space for this type of stairs. The most appreciated stairs of this type are made from tin shell, but at the same time they are the most complicated ones.

We can also provide these types of construction as monoliths or as prefabricated units.

What’s a monolith?

What’s a prefabricated unit?

Photo story - Co je to monolit? – What’s a monolith?

Obrázek 1/11 - Picture 1/11
On the beginning there is a opening in the ceiling
popisky: další: next, předchozí: previous

Picture 2/11
The basics of a good realisation are the centring adjustment and the setting up of the desired stair’s shape in the way that the stairs respect Czech National Norms.

Picture 3/11
In case of the auto-supporting stair, we need to construct the conduct boarding with the sizes of the stair.

Picture 4/11
After boarding the supporting plate, the workers locate the armature in accordance with the statics plan

Picture 5/11
Afterwards the stairs are covered by concrete, vibrated and a bricklayer modifies the single stairs with the maximum accuracy.

Picture 6/11
In the next phase the reinforcement is installed, if the stair string is partially or even entirely a part of the project.

Picture 7/11
The concrete is gradually laid until the desired thickness of the string.

Picture 8/11
When the concrete gets stiff, the boarding is taken away

Picture 9/11
The mortar is laid on the walls and soffit (it’s not the case in this example)

Picture 10/11
The final colour is laid only on a dry and clean surface. At the moment the measurement of single stairs for the lining and of the handrail have been made.

Picture 11/11
As the final point the lining, handrail and wooden welt are installed. This is the complete result.

Photo story - Co je to prefabrikát? – What’s a prefabricated unit?

Picture 1/10
The workers at the manufactory first load the stairs and anchor it in a way that the prefabricated unit cannot be damaged (a wooden floor in the vehicle’s bucket is necessary).
popisky: další – next, předchozí – previous

Picture 2/10
After the arrival on the building site it’s necessary to find the gravity centre of the whole construction and with help of DEHA rails install the stairs into the desired position.

Picture 3/10
If we install the stairs into a two-familiar house as in this example, it’s recommendable to transport two constructions on one time. One flight of the stairs is brought on a side, and the second one can be lifted and installed on the desired position. The truck can go away.

Picture 4/10
The left-handed flight is raised and directed to the right position.

Picture 5/10
The left-handed flight is dropped in, balanced and fixed. To avoid the rumours transition between the two houses a 150 mm thick separating wall has been constructed. It also has the function of supporting structure for the construction.

Picture 6/10
After balancing of the stairs the separating wall is covered by the brickwork with cement mortar. Afterwards the whole construction is definitely fixed.

Picture 7/10
The right-handed flight, which was on the side for a while, will be hanged…

Picture 8/10
…and lifted…

Picture 9/10
…installed and fixed…

Picture 10/10
After the fixation both stair can be immediately used and the central supporting wall can be finished (top view). The whole process including the journey took approximately two hours.

Sekce 4 – Monolitická schodiště – Monolithic stairs

These stairs are realized on the site of construction.

They make following things possible:

- realization of unique solutions
- realization immediately after construction of ceiling or even before his construction
- the use of stair already during the fabric

Main advantages of concrete stairs:
- unique solutions for acceptable price
- large variety of shapes and supporting structures
- self-supporting constructions without other supports
- high bearing with minimal thickness
- use already during fabric phase of construction
- the security of workers on site of construction
- fire-resistant structure
- minimal rumor and transition of vibrations into walls
- unproblematic division of a basement without heating and plant with heating
- possibility of installation of a platform for handicapped
- fix anchorage of the handrail
- combination with many materials
- illumination in the riser
- fire places under the stair
- mounted stairs TVAR DNA without the process of hydration during construction(suitable for wooden houses)
- monolithic stairs DNA “made to measure” of the space, realization on construction site

For inspiration please choose one of following designs

Images of stairs

Monolithic stairs
- direct form
- J form
- Round form
- U form, rectangular
- U form, curved
- L form
- C form
- Spiral form
- solid newel

Back to monolithic stairs

Sekce 5 – Montovaná schodiště - Mounted stairs

These stairs are concreted in factory, transported and mounted with help of a crane on the site of construction.

They make following things possible:

- very fast assemblage and immediate use
- you can move quickly on the fabric between plants
- very interesting from economical point of view if you order a higher number of stairs
- production of a unique form in accordance with client’s requirements(minimal demand: 10 pieces)
- construction of a house round the stair TVAR DNA

For inspiration please choose one of following designs:

Images of stairs
Scheme in .pdf

Back to: mounted stairs

Sekce 6 – TOP 50 DNA

Back to images of stairs
Previous – předešlý
Next – další

Sekce 7 – Projekty schodiště – Projects of stairs

Monolithic stairs
Mounted stairs (prefabricated)

The staircase can be adjusted to specific needs of your space. Take a look into our gallery of options.
In case of interest, all of these projects are downloadable. You only need to fill a registration form, get authorized and afterwards you can download your project!

The downloadable project of stair

Log-in for registered members
Your e-mail address: enter

Register here:

Second name:
Post code:
Phone number:

Please choose which of our products are you interested in:
Monolithic reinforced concrete stairs DNA
Prefabricated mounted stairs TVAR DNA
Solid newel reinforced concrete stairs
Prefabricated concrete plates for balconies
Prefabricated mounted loggia
Individual prefabricated garden elements made from fair faced concrete
Decorative prefabricated concrete walls

By confirming my registration I give MY CONFIRMATION to the elaboration of my personal dates that I voluntarily gave to the company DNA CZ., s.r.o..


Sekce 8 – My demand – How can I make it? – Poptávka – Jak na to?

Do you need to elaborate a financial offer for realization of you stairs?
Do you search the best solution for your stairs?

Than you’re at the right web-site!

For the best project or examination of already existing projects you need to send us the stairs part of your project documentation with all dates. Most important parts are:

- Ground plans of all plants where the stair should be constructed
- Stairs cross section (of the stair if possible)

We also please you to send us:

- The name of location, where the stair should be constructed
- If the building is a inhabited or not

For optimal design of shape we prefer architectonic plans, where we can see coherencies (communication inside the house, supporting constructions, windows, doors, elevations etc.) You don’t have to send us static plans or shape plans.

Parameters which are important for us and which we can see from the construction plan:

- The size of stair opening
- size of steps
- construction height(between two plants)
- ceiling height(between floor and ceiling)
- thickness and of the ceiling(what is the ceiling made of)
- direction of stair
- the shape of stair

How to make it – Concrete example

Supporting information:

Client: (name, surname, address)
John and Mary Smith, Liverpool street 4, Manchester, Great Britan
Contact: (phone number, fax, e-mail)
phone number: 878541219, fax: we don’t have fax, mobile phone: 44116464321, smithsfamily@england.com

Realization of the stair inside an inhabited building (family house, block of apartments):

YES - interior stair for an inhabited building(9% VAT)
NO – exterior stair and other objects(19%VAT)

We will elaborate your information; we will examine the indolence, possibilities of realization, functionality, and in case that we will find even our solution for your stair we will offer you the DNA stair in suitable variation.

After you choose the project you like the best, we will present you a calculation of the project.

Sekce 9 – Další produkty - Other products

Garden elements
- The company Schody DNA CZ, specialized in concrete elements, is prepared to project
and produce elements made from fair-faced concrete, exclusively designed for your
- Garden scales (back to garden stairs)
- Parking tile of following thickness:
120 mm x 100 mm x 8 mm
80 mm x 80 mm x 8 mm
120 mm x 15 mm x 8 mm
- Fencing elements (trims, letter boxes, other boxes etc)
Fencing element (back to fencing)
- Concrete fountains
- Benches, tables
- Garden bridges, foot bridges
- Other elements of client’s choice

Everything has to be solved individually, preferably with personal contact

Back to other products

Armoured concrete arcs

- The company Schody DNA CZ also realizes: armoured concrete monolithic arcs made of fair-faced concrete (back to armoured concrete arcs).
- References: the reconstruction of a wine-cellar, south Moravia
- Back to other products

- On this place we show you realisations of our colleagues as an inspiration maybe also for your home.
- Back to other products

Lights – stejný text jako v předchozí odrážce
Benches – stejný text jako v předchozí odrážce
Railings– stejný text jako v předchozí odrážce
Prefabricated switchboard box
Profiled sandwich facade

Sekce 10 – novinky - News

TV Programme Bydlení je hra

The Czech television during one of their programmes filmed another realisation of armoured concrete stairs. It will be presented on 6th June 2008

Show a preview of the programme


We recommend you to visit the new specialized webpage about stairs www.schody-dna.cz. This website is based on the principle “choose with your eyes”.

Photo-galleries are a basic part of this web page. The producers show here their work in the way that the client can compare a large variety of stair solutions.


During spring our workers in collaboration with the company Metrostav a.s. mounted a more than 6 floors high stair in armoured concrete (prefabricate TVARDNA Bečva) to the machine-room at hydro powered plant at the dam in Horní Bečva

Bydleni je hra

In one of their programmes Czech TV filmed the realisation of a stair in a working room. Between other examples there was also one of our screw shaped stair with a fireplace. Show a preview of the programme

Flexible Sandstone

We present you a new pretty interesting material – Flexible sandstone- Flexastone


Concrete stairs, constructions, projects and examples of realisations
Author: Břetislav Eichler co-owner of the company Schody DNA CZ, s.r.o.)
Published by ERA in the edition Technical library

Sekce 11 – Často kladené dotazy FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How much does a one plant scale cost?
This is an easy question, but it’s very hard to answer it. The price depends on many factors: the shape of the stairs, anchorage (self-supporting, anchorage into the walls etc.) the distance from Brno etc. We recommend filling in the part – Price calculation. It’s the pre-estimate of the price in accordance with the dates you fill in.

Will you transport the scale or will you do it on the construction site?
We are capable of both solutions. The prefabricated spiral stairs (U-shaped) are transported onto the construction site including the installation. For individually designed stairs we offer the realisation on the construction site (measurement, boarding, armature, concreting, elimination of the boarding).

How long does the realisation take?
For prefabricated units that we have in our proposal, we have already prepared mould. We are capable of delivering the order 14 days after the resource has been paid. For a new shape, we have to do a new mould so it’s necessary to solve the situation individually. The monolithic variant (construction directly on the construction site) takes between 3 – 10 working days. Everything depends on how the project is complicated.

Where can you use the concrete stairs?
Here are some of places where we already have constructed our stairs:
- Monolithic and mounted constructions
- New-buildings, reconstructions of houses
- Exterior as well as interior projects
- Main entrance stairs for buildings
- Family houses including wooden buildings
- Apartment buildings
- Commercial and company buildings
- Administrative buildings
- Banks, offices, schools
- Historical buildings
- Church towers
- Garden and swimming pool stairs
- Fire escape stairs
- And other places…

Tell me, why should I order a concrete floor? I think I had enough of it in my previous apartment house.
We think the prerogatives are:
- Universal material for interiors and exteriors
- Modern material – the fair-faced concrete
- High load with subtle shape
- Fire-resistant structure
- Minimal rumour – no transition of the vibrations into the walls
- Low price
- Use already during the fabric part of the project. From this results the safety of workers during the construction.
- Hidden saves thanks to better communication between workers and material
- Possibility of self-supporting construction or anchorage into the enclosure wall.
- The variety of shapes (direct boards, spirals, spindles, “toothed” construction etc.)
- Individual solution in accordance to the preferences of client.
- Elegant details of the stairs such as the handrail without columns.
- Possibility of material combinations for the steps and railing (wood, stone, steel, glass, terazzo, PVC and others)
- An easy reparation of damages on the steps
- Possibility of superficies modifications to better suite to the interior

The minuses. Can you resolve them?
The wet construction – during the fabric construction it does not make the difference and for already constructed interiors we use special materials that absorb the water.
The long drying time – has already been cleared in the previous explanation
The robust shape – a good structural designer can make a subtle construction.

When can we use the stairs?
The prefabricated stairs can be used immediately after the installation. The monolithic stairs can be used one day after they were installed with small load (they need to be treated with water). Two days after the installation you can use the stairs without any limitations.

When do you eliminate the boarding?
This depends on the construction type as well as on the anchorage and weather. Generally we eliminate the boarding after 7-14 days.

What do we need to prepare before your arrival?
For both types of construction it’s necessary to have the supporting wall, ceiling, and insulated floor.

Do you offer all in one stairs like the ones that are showed on your website?
Unfortunately we don’t. We provide only the concrete constructions as a semi-finished product with or without superficial modifications. The final aspect of the stair is a result of longer work, made by other suppliers. We give to our clients as well the list of our collaborators. The client has so the opportunity to expand his selection and decide peacefully what he wants.

What’s the type of the concrete used for the constructions?
For monolithic stairs we use the concrete of the B-20 class, imported from the nearest concreting plant all over the Czech Republic. The prefabricated unit is made from the type B-30.

Will you do me a stair even in As?
Yes, we will.

Is it possible to do the stairs even in winter?
Of course, it is. For these cases we have winter precautions (boarding against strong wind) and the B-30 concrete includes plasticizers against the freezing. During the drying time we cover the construction with isolation.

What do you need to know to make an offer?
For doing an offer we would please you to send us the following information via e-mail, fax or post.
- Ground-plans of the plants that should be connected
- Stair cross section (the height of the construction)
- The locality of construction (the distance from Brno)

How long do you need to make an offer?
If do not need an alternative solution, we are able to do the proposal in 48 hours. If you want an alternative solution, then we need from 3 to 4 days.

I want to have the concrete stairs in an attic placing with a wooden ceiling. Is it possible?
We have already resolved this problem once. It’s necessary to take a closer look onto the whole attic. We can say, that after some modifications it’s also possible to use the concrete stairs even there.

Can you produce even other shapes of prefabricated units?
Yes we can. We are capable of producing other shapes. Decisive is the amount of order. Acceptable prices for a new mould stair begin from 8 pieces onwards.

When can you deliver the prefabricated stairs?
A stairs from a existing mould can be deliver in approximately 14 days after the resource has been paid. With a new mould it takes approximately one month.

The width of the scale results too small. How can you resolve it?
We resolve it in two ways. One way is to have less scales, the other one is to cut the riser. You can find a better explanation in the section Project.

Sekce 12 – Partneři – Partners

- Architect, Draftsmen
- Prefabrication
- Railings
- Wooden facing
- Stone facing, terazzo
- Superficies modifications
- Construction companies

Sekce 13 – Kontakty – Contacts

The office of Schody DNA moved to company’s headquarters at Beethovenova 3, 602 Brno. The office at Václavská 4, Brno is closed since 15.8.2009
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